One main key factor that influences the child orthodontics when compared to an adult orthodontics is the Growth Potential. Due to growth potential of the jaw and facial bone of a child, minor orthopedic movement can be achieved. Thus it is important to seek orthodontic consultation early. Ideal age for initial consultation is when upper front 2 teeth (Permanent Maxillary Central Incisors) and 6 year molars (Permanent Mandibular First Molars) are invisble in the mouth. Some research has shown moderate crowding can be resolved without extraction if patient is seen with some baby teeth (primarily Primary Mandibular Second Molars) are still present when the treatment is started. It is most ideal to start orthodontic treatment during the adolescence to take full advantage of the growth potential and to ensure ideal occlusion and function.

Common Teeth Problems for Adolescence

By the age of 6-7, skeletal problems can be identified and treated accordingly. Here are some of the common skeletal problems:

  • Underdeveloped lower jaw (Retrognathic mandible)
  • Overdeveloped lower jaw (Prognathic mandible)
  • Underceveloped upper jaw (Retrognathic maxilla)
  • Overdeveloped upper jaw (Prognathic maxilla)
  • Crossbite of the Jaw
  • Sliding of the Jaw (Functional shift of the Mandible)

Here are some common dental problems:

  • Overbite
  • Crossbite
  • Openbite
  • Crowding
  • Spacing
  • Upper front teeth protusion
  • Missing Teeth

If you think your teen has any of these problems, it’s important to seek orthodontic treatment at our Omaha office early so your child can get the most benefits possible.

Advantages of Child Ortho

There are a number of advantages of child orthodontic therapy that simply aren’t possible with adult orthodontics. For one, kids are still growing, so orthodontists can take advantage of growth potential to modify skeletal position and allow natural eruption of teeth. Another advantage is that many in this age range have braces, so there’s no pressure to fit in. Finally, early orthodontic treatments mean the person will have healthier teeth for a longer period in their life.

Types of Child Ortho

Thanks to today’s technology, there are multiple types of braces out there. Options include clear Invisalign aligners, self-ligating brackets, clear brackets and traditional metal bracket braces.

Speaking with an orthodontist can help you decide the best option for your child.

Child orthodontics in Omaha has never been easier and more beneficial than it is today. Schedule a consultation now for results that last a lifetime!

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