Cervical Spine Degenerative Disease increase with age and most people over 50 years have some degree of disease changes. This elderly gentleman has severe changes.

Cervical Spine Degenerative Disease

LJSC1-C2 = Loss of joint space between the anterior arch of C1 and the odontoid process of C2.
Ligament= An opaque moderately well defined curved band is calcification of the ligament on the posterior surface of the odontoid process.
Fx= A small fragment of bone has fractured off of the anterior inferior surface of the body of C2.
C2-C3= Loss of joint space between the bodies of C2 and C3.
Degen= Degenerative lucent regions below the surface of C3.

By Dr. Douglas K Benn DDS PhD DDR (RCR, England)
Oral & Maxillofacial Radiologist

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