Asymptomatic F40 Chr sinusitis calcfcn

Asymptomatic 40-year-old female with thickened mucosa of the floor and lower walls of the left maxillary sinus. There is an irregular outlined region of soft tissue in the anterior region of the sinus (single arrow). The single arrows also point to a linear lighter grey band in the soft tissue which is probably calcification of the mucosa. In the same sinus, the wall has increased thickness of the bone compared to the right side. The thickened bone and mucosal calcification are typical changes found in chronic sinusitis.

Posterior to the calcified soft tissue is a dome shaped smooth outlined region of mucosa which is probably a mucous retention pseudocyst (two arrows).

In the absence of additional signs or symptoms, apart from informing the patient of your findings no further action is probably required.

-Dr Douglas K Benn DDS PhD Diploma in Dental Radiology (Royal College of Radiologists, England)

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