Before Lip Reposition. Patient elected to have lip reposition in lieu of jaw surgery to reduce gummy smile (Lefort fracture).


After Lip Reposition. Gummy smile is significantly reduced.

Gummy smile could undermine a beautiful smile affecting confidence and esthetic. Many cases could be improved by a combination of orthodontics to correct position of teeth and a simple periodontal surgical procedure to correct gum position.

Some cases are cause by malposition of the jaw and may require orthognatic surgery.

Other cases are due to the position of the lip. For the cases in which lip position is the reason of a gummy smile, a procedure called lip reposition is the ideal option.

For patients that elect against orthognatic surgery, lip reposition could also be an option to mask the gummy smile.

This procedure requires local anesthesia, last about 30 minutes and results could be seen immediately.

Recovery time is minimal but result last a lifetime. Many patients experience an enhancement of the lip appearance as well.

Consult with a board certified periodontist is you have a gummy smile and would like to enhance your natural beauty.

-Dr. Ortiz

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