Defect on bone

Radiology Blog: Cervical Pneumatocysts

Chance finding on a 65-year-old-male of well defined very radiolucent region 3 mm wide in C3 and a similar one in C4. Although not completely understood, some authors believe it is an extension from the intradiscal gas (vacuum phenomenon) 1. On follow up, these lesions changed to fluid-filled cavities and became granulation tissue later on […]

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Lump on the tongue

Radiology Blog: Soft Tissue Swelling

Incidental finding in a 70-year-old-lady. Well-defined midline soft tissue swelling in the floor of the mouth 18 x 11 mm. At first look it appears that the swelling is arising from the dorsum of the tongue. However, on searching more carefully you will notice that the lower anterior tooth is a few mm superior to […]

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X-Ray of the head

Monthly Radiology Blog: Osteoma in Right Posterior Ethmoid Air Cell

Chance finding in female 26 years in the axial and coronal views of well defined uniformly dense opacity 11 x 10 x 7mm in a right posterior ethmoid air cell. This is most likely a benign Osteoma. Osteomas are frequently found in the Frontal sinuses and less often in the Ethmoid air cells and maxillary […]

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Ear Canal mass

Radiology Blog: Soft Tissue Mass In External Auditory Canal

The search for bilateral asymmetry in CBCT images cannot be over stressed. In the three images below a 30 year old male has an incidental finding of a soft tissue opacity 11 x 8 mm in the right external auditory canal. The adjacent bone does not appear to be eroded or expanded so it could […]

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X-Ray in the neck

Radiology Blog: Base of Tongue Swellings

Just anterior to the epiglottis at the base of the tongue are two bilateral spaces, the Valleculae. These should be symmetrical spaces which are clearly seen on axial sections. However, in the section below there is a soft tissue nodule 8 x 10 mm in the right space. In the images below, there are two […]

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