Thanks to advances in modern technology, there’s an option for the rising number of Omaha patients curious about a metal-free alternative to dental implants. That option is pure white ceramic implants, which we’re now proud to offer at Metro West Dental Specialty Group.

How Do Metal-Free Implants Work?

For starters, ceramic white implants have a natural-looking ivory color that makes them mimic the appearance of a natural tooth. While you may think a ceramic implant wouldn’t be as strong as a titanium implant, pure ceramic white implants undergo a 100% proof test to ensure reliable implant strength. With a 97.6% success rate, they’re just as dependable as traditional titanium implants.

Made from pure ceramic, these implants qualify as a high-end esthetic solution for missing teeth. Patients who receive pure white ceramic implants can expect an implant that is strong, natural looking and comes with a variety of other benefits.

The Advantages of Metal-Free Implants

The fact pure ceramic implants don’t contain metal is a benefit in itself, but what other advantages to metal-free implants offer? While traditional implants are a perfectly adequate solution for a large number of patients, some in Omaha may consider the following benefits reason enough to choose pure white ceramic implants instead:

  • Strong and reliable: As mentioned above, metal-free implants go through rigorous testing to ensure reliable implant strength and a long life.
  • Metal-free: The entire implant is made from 100% premium ceramic and doesn’t contain any metal.
  • Esthetic: Unlike titanium implants, pure white ceramic implants have a natural appearance even below the gumline, making them ideal for patients with receding gums or thin gum tissue.
  • Clinically proven: Pure white ceramic implants also have a high predictability rate. They’ve been clinically proven to be predictable and stable, and fuse easily with the bone in your mouth via osseointegration.

To learn more about your metal-free dental implant options in Omaha, schedule a consultation with Metro West Dental Specialty Group today!

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