Periodontal Treatment

Gum Disease Symptoms and Treatment

Gum disease is a common issue and can be treated by a professional periodontist. Unfortunately, gum disease doesn’t only affect your dental health. Studies show that gum disease can also lead to other risks with cardiovascular health. The infected gums can cause bacteria to enter your blood stream, which can be transferred to other areas of the body and potentially put your heart’s health at risk.

Common symptoms of gum disease include:

  • Red, swollen gums
  • Gum recession
  • Bone loss
  • Toothache
  • Tooth Mobility

*These symptoms may or may not elicit pain.


At Metro West Orthodontics & Periodontics, our periodontists are compassionate about helping patients and want to lead you down the right path towards optimal oral health. We can diagnose the severity of the gum disease and create an innovative, customized plan to restore your gum health.

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Periodontic Treatment

  • Pocket Reduction Surgery

    A healthy pocket is typically 1 to 3mm long, and any pockets larger than that are considered to be unhealthy and may need surgery to fix the issue.

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  • Root Coverage Surgery

    Exposed roots are unappealing and can leave you at risk of developing cavities on your tooth root.

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  • Bone Regeneration

    Bone Regeneration Surgery is a procedure that naturally restores your jawbone back to health.

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  • Socket Preservation

    A socket preservation graft is an important bone graft procedure that helps preserve bone mass after the tooth is extracted.

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  • Periodontal Plastic Surgery

    Periodontists can help you improve your smile if you are unhappy with certain aesthetic features.

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  • Crown Lengthening

    Dr. Miyamoto and Dr. Lang sculpt and create a new gum line to give your new smile just the right look.

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  • Sinus Lift

    A sinus lift is a surgical procedure that is typically performed when there is a loss of bone in your upper jaw near your sinuses.

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  • Biopsy

    A soft tissue biopsy is the removal and microscopic examination of a small sample of soft tissue for diagnostic purposes.

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  • Sedation/Sleep Dentistry

    Our office offers a variety of options to help you relax and achieve the results you deserve.

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