Extraction and Socket Preservation

Tooth Extraction and Socket Preservation

In severe cases of dental disease, the patient may unfortunately lose the tooth. A tooth may need to be extracted for multiple reasons:

  • Excess tooth decay
  • Gum disease
  • Root canal failure
  • Unsupportive jaw bone
  • Trauma

As the tooth is extracted, it’s important for the extraction socket to be preserved as well to reduce the risk of bone loss. The jawbone must then be preserved to keep the socket in its original state.

Socket Preservation Grafts

A socket preservation graft is an important bone graft procedure that helps preserve bone mass after the tooth is extracted.

This procedure must be performed at the time of tooth extraction to avoid the possibility of needing a more serious bone graft procedure later.

Socket Preservation Grafts
Socket Preservation Grafts
Socket Preservation Grafts

During the procedure, a resorbable biologically engineered collagen membrane is placed over the socket and is closed with stitches.

Over the course of a few months, the membrane will allow bone to grow into the socket and naturally recreate healthy bone.

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